Here's some songs by various bands featuring my playing.  Enjoy!!
"Don't Ask" by True Heart Susie (from the album "Lately Story" 1997)
"In the Clouds" by Sweet Polly (from the album "Sing Down the Moon" 1999)
"Train to Forever" by Upside Groove Coalition (from the album "Funky Estofado" 2003)
"Train of Thought" by Reilly (from the album "Saints for the Ocean" 2008)
"Baby, It's Cold Outside" by Reilly (from the album "Kick Ass Celtic Christmas" 
Oglio Records 1998)
"You're Making Going Back to Whiskey Look Good" by Honkeytonkitis
               from the album "You Drink and Drive Me Crazy" 2009)
"Borrowed Trouble" by The Whiskeybelles (from the Album "Whiskey Women" 2012)
"What Do You Do" by Annie B (Single Version, 2010)
"Say I Love You" by Phil Norby (from the album "Sin and Sincerity" Release TBD)
"My Dependancy" by 3 Peace (Single Version), 2008
"Fireflies" by Reilly (from the album "Revelry and Regret" 2013
"Hornpipe/Whiskey for Breakfast" by Reilly (from the album "Revelry and Regret" 2013)
"Sweet As Pie" by the Whiskeybelles (from the Album "Dancing in the Moonshine" 2017)
"Influencer" by Phil Norby (from the album "Polywog"2019)
"Golden Years" by Phil Norby (from the album "Polywog" 2019)
"Say You'll Never Go Away Again" by Mary Karlzen (from the album "Shine" 2020)