(See below for a list of artists Brian has peformed/recorded with!)

BRIAN BRUENDL has been playing drums since 1983 and teaching percussion since 1998. He is currently the drummer for popular Midwest bands The Milwaukee Tool Shed Band (Covert Red), 33 RPM, Joe 2.0, The Orange Whips, Whole Yachta Love, and more.  From 2002 to 2005, he served as band director for the Milwaukee Rock Theater Company directing the band and music for 5 acclaimed productions. He also played marching and symphonic percussion through college, performing for two seasons with the Kettle Moraine Symphony Orchestra.  He has been asked to participate in the annual Milwaukee "Sleighriders" benefit show since 2014, which brings some of the best musicians in Milwaukee together to perform in a large 30+ person band to raise money for childrens charities in Milwaukee.  He tours nationally with MTSB and has even performed on the nationally televised "Bar Rescue" televison show.

In addition to drums and percussion, Brian also plays guitar, bass, banjo, mandolin, and keyboards, and does live sound engineering as well as drum and percussion repair.  He's also a songwriter and operates a home recording studio where he recorded demos for up and coming bands as well as for his own projects. Some of his primary musical influences include They Might Be Giants, Led Zeppelin, the Beatles, Morphine, Men at Work, the Who, Steely Dan, and Frank Zappa. He sites John Bonham, Buddy Rich, Art Blakey, Keith Moon, Jim Keltner, Neil Peart, and Stewart Copeland as some of his main drumming influences.

Brian teaches percussion privately from him lesson studio in Mequon, WI.  He focuses on beginning snare drum and mallets, beginner to advanced Drum Set, and some hand percussion.

Aside from his musical life, Brian is also a bonded locksmith and co-owner of Vrana Lock and Safe in West Bend. 

Currently Performing With:
The Milwaukee Tool Shed Band
33 RPM
Joe 2.0
Katie Mack and the Moan
Whole Yachta Love
The Vee Three (Johnny Vollmar and Alyson Harms)
Cynthia Starich and the Gang

Sleighriders 2023
Sleighriders 2022
Sleighriders 2019
Sleighriders 2018
Sleighriders 2017
Sleighriders 2016
Sleighriders 2015
Sleighriders 2014
​The Diamonds
Orange Whips
Throwing Spaghetti
Gabriel Sanchez’s Prince Experience
The 52nd Street Band - Tribute to Billy Joel
Cold Sweat and the Brew City Horns
Ordinary Heathens
The Whiskeybelles
The Orphans
Dani and Kris Crow
Sons of Merlin
The Impostor Taco Truck
Brewtown Beat
Ian Gould
5 Card Studs
Breaking Cadence
KB and the Dungarees (Kevin Brandt)
Blinding Lights (Uprising)
The Kris Crow Band
Dirty Boogie
Rudy and Vee
Zach Nebel
Charlie Robinson
Rex Rubenzer
Dan Lepien
Random Maxx
True Heart Susie
3 Peace
The Dan Harvey Band
Mary Karlzen
Kevin “KB” Brandt
The Michael Sean Affair
Upside Groove Coalition
The Whiskey Bends
The US Project
Mustache Molly
Joe Wray
Nicole Waters
The Cheap Shots
Alyce Hart
Tommy Greywolf
Zach Wade
Marcell Guyton
Talan “T-Man” Lentz
Steve Grimm
Annie B
Diesel Jane
Heads With Wings (Morphine Tribute)
Eric Barbieri
The Josh Becker Band
Bad Medicine
The Grimm Brothers
The Scott Berendt Band
The Accelerators
Sweet Polly
The Psychobunnies
Billy Seidel
Neuveau Retro
Oogie Boogie Henchmen
Superskinny Bodies
Strange Tribe