Brainpan Sound Studio:
Pro Logic Demo Recording!  Large Assortment of Instruments (Guitars,         Basses, Banjos, Mandolin, Keyboards, Drum kits, Snare Drums,                   Percussion, Effects Pedals and Rack Units, Microphones, etc.
Percussion Rig - Congas, Bongos, Timbales, Tympani, Bodhran, Small toms, Various Tambourines, Shakers, Whistles, Cymbals, etc
Roland V-Drum Kit with TD10 Drum Brain.
6.5x14 Dunnett 2N Carbon Steel Snare
6x12  Beat Boogie Maple Snare Wood Hoops 
3.5x14  Pearl Brass Shell Piccolo
3.5x14  Pearl Steel Shell Black Piccolo
7x12 Pearl Maple Soprano Snare Drum
4x14 Beat Boogie Patina Copper Snare
5x14  Ludwig Chrome Supraphonic (x2)
5x14  Ludwig Copper Supraphonic 
5x14  Slingerland Vintage Chrome Snare
6.5x14 Gretsch USA Solid Aluminum Snare
5.5x14 Gretsch New Classic in Burgundy Sparkle
5x14  Gretsch Catalina Ash Deep Red
6x14  Gretsch Maple Cherry (Wood Hoops)
6.5x14  Gretsch Full Range Maple (Wood Hoops)
6.5x14  Gretsch Full Range Maple 
6.5x14  Gretsch Hammered Steel Shell
8x14 Gretsch Full Range Maple Satin Ebony
5x14   Gretsch "Jazz" Copper Sparkle
5x12  Gretsch Chrome Side Snare
3.5x13  Sunlite Chrome Piccolo
5x8   Gretsch Blackhawk Mini Snare
5x14  Gretsch Dixieland Round Badge Vintage Snare​
​6.5x14  Chicago Drum Company Chrome over Brass

Drums: Gretsch USA Classic in Purple Sparkle(wrapped by BB)
22x18 Bass Drum
8x7 Tom
10x8 Tom
12x9 Tom 
15x15 Floor Tom
18x16 Floor Tom
14x6.5 Gretsch Full Range Aluminum Snare Drum (or Chicago Drum Company Chrome Snare)

Cymbals: Sabian
21" AA Ed Shaughnessy Signature Ride
15” AA Freq Hi Hats
10" AAX Splash
17" AAX Dark Crash 
19” Vault Crash (or 15" Vault Crash)
20" AA Chinese (or 16" HH  Chinese)

Hardware: Pearl including rack / Pearl Demon Drive Double Pedal and Hi Hat Stand

LP Ridge Rider Cowbell

Electronics: - Roland WAV-One Sampling Pad

Heads: Remo Clear Emperor Tom Batters / Coated Pinstripe Snare Batter / Clear Powerstroke 3 Bass Drum Batter
Drums: Gretsch Catalina Jazz in Copper Sparkle - Outfitted with electronics
Used for Acoustic Drums or Electronic Triggering

18x16 Bass Drum
12x8 Tom
14x14 Tom
14x5 Gretsch Catalina Jazz Snare

Cymbals: Sabian
21" Ed Shaughnessy Ride
13" AA Flat Hats
10" AAX Splash
14" AAX Studio Crash
16" AAX Stage Crash
14" B8 Pro Chinese

Heads: Remo Clear Emperors on Toms / Coated Ambassador on Snare

Electronics / Triggers:
13x3.5 Snare with Roland Dual Zone Electronic Trigger
Roland TD8/TD20 Drum Brain
DDrum Red Drum Rim Mount Triggers
Pintech Electronic Cymbal Pads for Hi Hat (works like real cymbals), Ride, 2 Crashes

In certain live situations, played through Crate Bass Amp (used as throne)
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Drums:  Gretsch  Catalina Maple (custom wrapped in Red/Black Tiger by BB) 
              -OR- Gretsch Catalina Ash (custom wrapped in Oyster Pearl by BB)
22x18' Bass Drum
10x8" Tom
12x9" Tom
16x16" Floor Tom
14x14" Floor Tom (used by band members for some songs)
14x6.5" Gretsch Hammered Steel Snare (or 14x5" Gretsch Brushed Brass Snare)

Cymbals:   Sabian
14" AAX Accelerator Hi Hats
10" AAX Splash
15" AAX Explosion (or 18" AAX Xplosion Crash)
17" AAX Explosion Crash
21" HH Raw Bell Ride
14" AA Chinese (or 18" HHX Chinese)

Hardware: Pearl (including Drum Rack
DW 9000 Double Bass Pedal
DW 9000 Hi Hat Stand

Percussion: LP
Stagg Cowbell

Roland SPD-SX Sampler Pad / Alesis Sample Pad 4 (travel)
Roland or Pintech Trigger Pad

Heads:  Remo Red Clear Emperor on Tops of toms / Red Clear Powerstroke on Bass Drum / Coated Pinstripe on Snare Batter
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We really like Gretsch drums.
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33 RPM Drum Setup
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Joe 2.0 Drum Setup
Drums:  Beat Boogie in Custom Purple Veneer (orange veneer on snare)
15x 24 Bass Drum/Floor Tom (wood hoops)
10x5 Tom (wood hoops)
12x6 Beat Boogie Snare Drum  (wood rims)
Cymbals: Sabian
10" Fusion Mini Hats
10" AA Splash
15" Thin Crash
18" Paragon Crash/Ride

DW 5000 Pass Drum Pedal (beater action custom reversed by BB)

LP Mini Jam Block Set

Heads:  Remo Clear Emperor on Tom Batters / Coated Ambassador on Snare

Milwaukee Tool Shed Band / Covert Red Drum Setup
Stand up "Cocktail" Drum Setup
Drums:  Gretsch USA Custom in Burnt Orange
20x18 Bass Drum
10x8 Tom
14x14 Floor Tom
15x15 Floor Tom 
14x5" Gretsch New Classic Snare in Merlot Sparkle (or 14x5 Slingerland Chrome Snare) 

Cymbals: Sabian 
21" Evolution Ride
14” HH Hi Hats                                                
8” AAX Splash
16” Prototype Crash                                      Electronics:
18" HH Dark Crash                                        Roland SPD-SX Sampling Pad
14" AA Chinese                                                          

Hardware: Gibraltar Rack and Pedals

Heads:  Remo Coated Ambassdor on Tom Batters / Coated Reverse Dot Snare Batter
 Coated Powersonic on Bass Drum Batter / Coated Pinstripe on 16" Tom
Percussion Setup
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Hand Percussion:  
CP 10 and 11 inch Congas
​Pearl Cajon
Rhythm Tech Egg Shakers
Various Tambourines and Noise Makers

DW Cajon Pedal​
No Brand Tambourine Pedal
Whole Yachta Love Drum Setup
Drums:  Pearl Maple in Orange Wrap
24x14 Bass Drum
12x8 Tom
14x14 Floor Tom 
16x16 Floor Tom 
14x5 Gretsch Vintage Dixieland Snare Drum
14x5 Pearl Chrome Snare Drum

Cymbals: Sabian​
21" Prototype Ride
14" AA Vintage Light Hi Hats
10" AAX Splash
14" AA Vintage Crash
16” AA El Sabor Crash
15" Vintage AA Chinese

Hardware: Pearl
Pearl Demonator Single Pedal
Pearl Hi Hat Stand

Rhythm Tech Drum Set Tambourine
LP Bongo Cowbell

Roland SPD-SX Sampling Pad

Heads:  Remo Clear Emperors on Tom Batters / Coated Reverse Dot Snare Batter / Clear Powersonic on Bass Drum Batter
Brainpan Sound Studios Drum Setup
Drums:  Brainpan Sound Drum Company (built by BB) in Bombay Cherry Laquer
22x16 Bass Drum 
8x8 Tom (wood hide-a-hoops)
10x9 Tom (wood hide-a-hoop)
14x12 Floor Tom (wood hide-a-hoop)
15x13 Floor Tom (wood hide-a-hoop)
14x5.5 Gretsch New Classic Maple Snare in Burgundy Sparkle

Cymbals: Sabian​
21" Prototype Ride
13” AA Flat Hi Hats
10” AA Splash
14” AAX Studio Crash 
17" AA Ozone Crash
14" B8 Pro Chinese

Hardware: Peace (Black Powder Coat)
Pearl Demonator Bass Drum Pedal

LP Salsa Cowbell

KAT Multi Percussion Pad

Heads:  Remo Clear Pinstripes on Tom Batters / Clear Emperor on 8" Tom / Coated Pinstripe Snare Batter / Clear Powersonic on Bass Drum Batter
Jazz Performance / Brainpan Sound Lesson Studio Drum Setup
Drums:  Ludwig 1956 Club Date in Red Sparkle (recovered by BB)
20x14 Bass Drum
12x8 Tom 
14x14 Floor Tom 
14x5 Ludwig Supraphonic Copper Snare

Cymbals: Sabian
20” Manhattan Jazz Ride
14” AA Sizzzle Hi Hats
12” AA Splash
19" Medium Crash (with Rivets)

LP Cowbell

Heads:  Remo Fiberskyn on all Drums
Auxillary Drum Setup
Drums:  Gretsch Maple Renown in Green Sparkle (recovered by BB)
22x18 Bass Drum 
8x7 Tom
10x8 Tom 
12x9  Tom 
16x14 Floor Tom 
14x6.5 Gretsch Full Range Snare

Cymbals: Sabian​
20" HH Ride
13” AAX Fusion Hi Hats
10” Pro China Splash
14” B8 Pro China
16"  Crash
18" Crash

Heads:  Remo Clear Emperor on Tom Batters / Clear Pinstripe on 16" Tom / Coated Reverse Black Dot Snare Batter / Clear Powersonic on Bass Drum Batter
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Alternate Performance Kit
Throwing Spaghetti / Portable Drum Setup
Drums:  Gretsch Street/Catalina (custom wrapped by BB, Floor Tom Converted to Bass drum by BB)

16x16 Bass Drum 
10x5 Tom 
13x9 Floor Tom
14x3.5 Pearl Floating Steel Piccolo Snare Drum

Cymbals: Sabian
14: FRX Low Volume Hi Hats
16" FRX Low Volume Crash
18" FRX Low Volume Crash
21" FRX Low Volume Ride

Hardware: DW Flat Base Stands
Pearl Bass Drum Pedal

Heads:  Coated Emperor on Tom Batters / Coated Ambassador on Snare

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Katie Mack and the Moan Drum Setup
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Drums:  Gretsch Vintage (Late 60's early 70's) in Gold Sparkle
22x14 Bass Drum
12x8 Tom 
16x16 Floor Tom 
14x6.5 Gretsch Full Range Maple Snare Drum
14x4 - Beat Boogie Patina Chrome Snare Druj

Cymbals: Sabian 
22” David Garibaldi Signature Ride
14” AA Light Hi Hats                                                
15" AAX Dark Crash                                    
17" AAX Dark Crash                                       
18" AA Chinese                                                          

Hardware: Gibraltar 
DW Bass Drum and HiHat Pedals

Percussion: LP Samba Cowbell

Heads:  Remo Coated Ambassdor on Tom Batters / Coated Emperor Snare Batter
 Coated Powersonic on Bass Drum Batter 
Brainpan Sound Studios Main Kit
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Drums:  Gretsch Maple New Classic in Satin Orange Flame (re-wrapped by BB)
22x18 Bass Drum 
8x7 Tom
10x7 Tom 
12x8  Tom 
16x16 Floor Tom
14x14 Floor Tom 
14x8 Gretsch Maple Full Range Snare in Ebony Satin Stain

Cymbals: Sabian​
21"AAX Stage Ride
14” XSR Apollo Hi Hats
8” AAX Splash
12" AAX Splash
14” AAX Studio Crash
15" AAX X-treme Crash
18"AAX X-treme Chinese
12" Wuhan China Cymbal

Hardware:  Pearl with ICON rack, DW 5000 Double Pedal and Hi Hat Stand

Heads:  Remo Clear Emperor on Tom Batters / Coated Pinstripe Snare Batter / Clear Powersonic on Bass Drum Batter